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Chris Clark

Played by

Riley Dickinson

Chris Clark is the Children’s Ministries Director at the church where the Crawford family attends. After losing his record deal in Nashville, Chris moved back home without a goal in mind. Growing up, music was his life, but now, he is not sure where God is leading him. However, as he awaits further guidance, he is here to serve the children and their families, including offering timely words of wisdom to those in need, like Olivia.

Riley Dickinson is ecstatic to be portraying Chris Clark in “It’s A Wonderful Loop!” He’s also portrayed Tevye in “Fiddler On The Roof” for Blackhawk Christian School as well as Patchy the Pirate in Fort Wayne Civic’s “The SpongeBob Musical.” One of his favorite Christmas traditions is building and decorating his decades-old Christmas.

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