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Maggie Moore

Played by

Mia Paris

Maggie Moore is a 22-year-old intern. She lives in an apartment with two cats and her roommate, Natalie. Maggie is non-committal and apathetic, but she is also nice once you get to know her. Maggie loves the holidays, even if she doesn't show it much. She secretly enjoys spending time with her coworkers, even if they get on her nerves.

Mia Paris is a senior at Blackhawk Christian School. She has been acting for around 3-4 years for the school and the church! Christmas has always meant a lot to Mia. One of her favorite things about Christmas is expressing her gratitude to those she loves through gift giving. She also loves the joy that Christmas brings and all of the traditions she and her loved ones get to continue. Mia wants to say thank you to everyone in the cast for being so fun to work with! We hope you enjoy the show!

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