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Ms. Darcy Brooks

Played by

Lindsay Hines

Lindsay Hines is excited to be returning to the stage! Participation in musicals in High School gave her a love for Musical Theatre. She went on to earn a minor in Theatre at Cedarville University, along with a daughter role in the “Pirates of Penzance”. Since then, she has performed in 3 of the “Christmas with Blackhawk” performances in various roles. Lindsay is married to Dan and they have 2 children, Charlotte (Avery) and Grant. Christmas is a favorite time of year – giving gifts, making cookies, and celebrating the birth of her risen Savior Jesus Christ!

Darcy Brooks is the executive assistant to Oswald Stein of Stein Detergents. Darcy was raised by her strict and demanding nanny, Miss Francine Stickter and educated at the Brismaine School of Refinement (women only). She lives alone with her cat, Sir Winston Smithers. She is never to be called by her first name, but is only addressed as “Ms. Brooks” and is a firm believer that the detergent business is no laughing matter.

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