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Doris Wilson

Played by

Kathy Gallup

Doris Wilson is the “matriarch” Administrative Assistant of the office who is full of spunk and sass. She is the kind of woman you want to know and definitely do not want to cross. Her maternal side believes a cup of coffee is the immediate answer to most every problem. She remembers her younger years fondly and often lets people know that she has made coffee for many “big shots” and celebrities. Everyone senses that Doris has led quite the life!

Kathy Gallup and her husband, Phil (Ozzy) have been members of Blackhawk for several decades. She has been a part of the church’s drama community since mid-90s. She has two daughters and five grandchildren. She is retired. She sits on board of a local nonprofit organization and has enjoyed being part of Blackhawk’s Egypt team since 2019. Fun time is built around grandchildren’s sporting activities with BCS.

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