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Walt Waltervich

Played by

Joe Godfrey

Walter Waltervich is the lead copy editor for the Diane Davidson Advertising Agency. Walt is a clumsy, lovable and well-meaning creature of habit. He tends to stick with his tried and true favorites. One of his favorite things is bacon. He LOVES bacon. Walter isn’t the biggest fan of technology, though, and is as old school as they come when it comes to writing.

Joe Godfrey is no stranger to the stage. Having performed in church musicals from a young age, he has been performing since before grade school. Joe has been a member of Blackhawk Ministries since 2004 and has participated in the music ministry and Christmas with Blackhawk almost every year. For Joe, Christmas was about tradition when he was growing up. His family always went to the same places at the same times every Christmas Eve and day. Now, it means so much more! It’s about the REAL gift given to us from Jesus and his death which results in a gift of life for us. Joe is thankful for family during this time and the many blessings that he can sometimes take for granted. Joe wants to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hopes that we will always remember THE reason for this time of year!

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