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Olivia Crawford

Played by

Jenna Mitchell

Olivia Crawford is a high-powered executive who exudes professionalism. She is also a wife and mother who is adored by her family. Everything about her life is Pinterest-worthy perfection to the public eye. However, on the inside it is a different story. Even before becoming caught in this “Wonderful Loop” of living the same day on repeat, Olivia was caught in a loop of lonely, exhausting and unsustainable living. She’s tried all the usual, empty remedies: “stuff down the hurt, get up earlier, drink one more cup of coffee, fake it until you make it, prove your worth, and whatever you do – don’t fail.” Until she does. Will her “falling apart” be the end or a new beginning, and will Olivia ever make it to Christmas?

Jenna Mitchell was very involved in theater and the performing arts throughout high school and college. As a graduate of Blackhawk Christian (2000), she still heralds her role in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers as her favorite. Prior to nursing school, she enjoyed studying speech and theatre at Cedarville University. She was also a part of Blackhawk’s drama team, Stagelight, and Christmas with Blackhawk in 2005-2010. Jenna works as a Nurse Educator at Stillwater Hospice. She and her daughter, Grace, attend Headwaters Church. Her favorite parts of Christmas are the traditions and memories made with her family.

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