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John Crawford

Played by

Jared Numbers

John Crawford is Olivia’s husband. John lost his job due to the pandemic. After months of searching for new work he became very angry, discouraged, and ashamed. A friend invited him to church and John gave his life to Christ. He is very excited about his newly found faith. As a new believer, he has been eagerly praying for his wife, Olivia, to know the Lord too. 

Jared Numbers has been happily married to my amazing wife for 13 years. He is father to four beautiful children. Jared is studying to become a Biblical Counselor and small group leader at Redemption Bible Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He grew up playing several non-speaking roles in church plays. His favorite Christmas tradition is to do his best to prevent his wife from covering the house with Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving. Also, if Jared had a patronus it would be Ron Swanson.

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