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Avery Crawford

Played by

Charlotte Hines

Avery Crawford is the youngest in the family. Much to her delight, she got the part of an angel in the Christmas program. She loves to draw, bake cookies, and play in the snow. The real love of her life is her pet hamster, Mr. Squiggles, whom she often dresses in costume. (Disclaimer: Avery would never harm Mr. Squiggles, though, and neither would we. No pets were harmed for this production.)
Charlotte Hines is making her debut on the Blackhawk Stage! She is in the 5th grade at Blackhawk Christian School and enjoys participating in class plays and reader’s theatre. Beyond theatre, Charlotte enjoys diving with the Indiana International School of Diving here in Fort Wayne, reading mysteries, writing stories, and drawing. At Christmas, Charlotte loves giving and receiving gifts, eating cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning, and making cookies with her family. She wants everyone to know that she loves Jesus and hopes they will know how much He loves them too.

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